Hunger for net

Whenever I go back home to the villa after work, I'd just lie in the bed doin' nothing... well except for 'that' of course! Hahaha! I miss playing with my computer. It's about pointless to do so because we still haven't got any net connection at home yet. They said that the internet server is down and that they will contact us as soon as they have fixed the problem.

If my bedtime used to be 6-7AM everyday before, now it's 1-2AM! And I'd wake up at 10AM every day!Yeah, big change!!! Nothing much to do at home and besides, it's like working out for 4 hours onstage with me sweating ENDLESSLY! In fact, I feel more tired here than in ShangKL, eventhough we're more relaxed here. I even have colds and cough right now because maybe of the sweat on my back that eventually dries up when we perform. I mean I cannot carry my white&pink-striped hand towel onstage and wipe myself in between songs, can I?

We play a total of 4 sets every night, from 8PM until 11:45PM. And it's kinda strange because we were asked to mellow down our music/sound on our last 2 sets. But we try to play bouncy tunes and not boring ones on the 3rd & 4th sets. But as early as 1st set, we'd be playing all the danceable tunes, until the 2nd set. The reason being is because we're playing in a resort. So people tend to rest early for their next day's activities.

Since I'm net-hungered right now, I dragged Marlou to the nearest internet cafe from our place. I also need a breath of fresh air. I've been coughing horribly all through the night. Don't want to be sick! Can't afford to be sick! Huhuhu!

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