At home again

It's our 1st off from work today and I was able to spend some quality time with Selena. Marlou and I took some multicabs-cum-jeep to get to the city where we hitched a taxi to take us to our place. It took us an hour to do so - at noontime! Well I didn't complain much because I was finding a cheaper way to go home. Marlou still hasn't renewed his driver's license, he'll do it tomorrow.

We had a meeting with few musicians and singers who wanted to join our company. Our boss asked us a favor to scout for singers, musicians and bands while we're here in Cebu. They all came to our house to meet us. We then scheduled a date when we'll have some sort of "audition".

We then went to Gaisano Tabunoc to stroll around and buy some important stuff. My voice has turned awful. Luckily it's our off tonight. I've been suffering from colds and cough for a few days now.

We watched the nomination night of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition. Afterwards, I prepared Selena and tucked her to sleep. Her legs are actually on my butt, I'm lying on my stomach and lazily strikes the keyboard. We'll be sleeping here tonight, we'll go back tomorrow after lunch to the villa. Oops, time to say goodnite!

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