Easter Sunday

I'm in SM Megamall right now. It's Easter Sunday and there are lots of people. It's quite ironic thinking that while poverty has crept into the majority of the Filipinos, yet, here they are, filling the malls on an Easter Sunday.

It's been the escape of many Filipinos from the reality aside from watching television. The television has a very strong impact on our lives. In an hour of watching funny noontime shows, they temporarily forget about their problems. Same goes with going to the malls. They'd just chill out, sitting on benches while watching their kids play sweatless - wait a minute! I also do that!

We've just been to the California Garden Square. I did some "cleansing" in our unit through the feng shui 'singing bowl'. Our friend, Sharon, ex-drummer of Fun2C, came along.

We're now in Megamall again to meet with our friend, Regina Grace. Inna, as what we call her, used to be in a loveteam with Marlou on their TV show, That's Entertainment years ago. She then became one of my closest friends in showbiz until now. We call each other "kumare" (koo-ma-re) because she's the godmother of Selena & I'm the godmother of her daughter, too.

We just strolled around the mall until 8PM. We all went back to our place to have dinner & to chat more comfortably. Inna is in a midst of a big problem and my mom and I gave her some advices. They went back past 1AM.

I've been walking for more than 8 hours and I guess I need a good night's sleep. It's 3AM.

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Anonymous said...

dear sweety ritzz, i'm glad that u have recovered fast. and i have visited your condo's website. what a nice exclusive place. how come a condo have 2 storey? this is my first time seeing it. anyway, i'm going for my cyst removal surgery too. the cyst on my lower right eye/ on my cheek. the surgery took 1.5hours on 4th may. hopefully everything will be fine. i'm driving myself there and home at the same day. i will keep in touch with u. send my regards to datuk and your girlgirl. miss u! muah***