Starbucks afternoon

It's my off today and got nothing better to do. So I brought my laptop and had my afternoon coffee in KLCC's Starbucks. I also bought Maxis WLAN prepaid card for my everyday use in the room since Maxis WLAN is the only Wi-Fi signal I can get when I'm in the room.

It's a nice day, the weather is good. I'm infront of the park, overlooking the KLCC fountain. I haven't been here for quite some time. The last time I was here was when Selena and I went to Aquaria KLCC. I also noticed that they've renovated this part. The mist fans are now replaced by ceiling fans, thus giving a cooler environment.

Updated my Friendster, checked my mails, checked the viewing stats of my websites... hmmm, nothing more to do. Maybe I'll watch my Lost Season 2 DVD's later on. Then continue with my Alias & Desperate Housewives DVD's till we finish our contract here. I'm getting quite bored right now, I want to go somewhere but I have no idea where. Hmmmm...

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Anonymous said...

let's go bungee jumping! :-D