10 years on the road

I know I've been singing professionally since I was 12. Signed a recording deal when I was 14. Started singing in a band when I was 17. Hell yeah!!! Been singing on the road for the past 10 years! Whew! That's pretty much like I'm considered to be a seasoned veteran now!

But no, I don't consider myself like that because I still am a far cry to be called a veteran, not only age-wise. In fact, I never stop learning. Everyday is just a beginning of another learning experience. I am still learning to play guitar, maybe I would like to learn couple more instruments once I've got enough calluses on my fingertips. Maybe a saxophone would save me from future collagen injections once I've got callosities on my lips, huh! Not a bad idea!

Since I haven't done any professional training in dancing, I would like to learn some basic taps, jazz, hip-hop, street, ballroom. I would like to be an all-arounder when it comes to dancing.

As for singing, I think I have sung most of my life. I would like to give my voice a rest, maybe soon. I'm still thinking of other ways to earn as much as I'm earning right now, without using my singing voice.

I also would like to take some crash courses on things I'm interested in. Like computer-related course, make-up (cosmetic) course, photography, interior design, writing, etc. Maybe learn some good sports like golf, tennis, bowling, scuba diving, etc. I also would like to try adventurous stuff like mountain hiking, camping, sky diving, bungee jumping, etc.

Seems like a lifetime is too short for all of these, huh! Not quite. If you have the will, you'll have your way. As of now, I'm living each day like it's the last. Enjoying life as much as possible. What a life, huh?

PS: I'm still bored in Starbucks

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