Madonna treated for hernia

I've been a Madonna fan as far as I can remember. I even used my mom's pearl necklace and worn out high heel shoes whenever I'd play with my friends. I used to know all of her hit songs by heart, with matching choreography and actions and that sexy lip-pouting, those hip thrusting and booty stretching ... yeah, as young as 8 years old!

I adored her and still love her, but I definitely never idolized her that much that I even wished to have a hernia like her. I think my 8-year-old hernia is older than her - her hernia that is LOL. Yes, I read in Yahoo! News that she has undergone a hernia treatment recently and is "absolutely fine now".

Damn! Well then now, I don't feel like I'm alone. At least, I'm sharing agony with Madonna for being one of the rare women who has this. I don't have to prove any longer that I'm really a 99% natural woman, even some of my friends are speculating that I might have been born to be a man or gay, hahaha! I guess, I would rather accept the crown for being what we call in the Philippines, a "babaeng bakla" whole heartedly! Hahaha!

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