Celine also had hernia surgery

As the whole world have heard about it, Madonna is now recuperating from a hernia surgery. And now I remembered that I read somewhere before that Celine Dion had undergone the same treatment. Back in 2003, Celine was forced her to ditch her elaborate opening sequence of her Las Vegas show due to hernia.

Hernia is the most common operation in the world. Lots of known figures, athletes, celebrities have undergone hernia surgery. Strain, stress, and lifting can cause this. Some are congenital.

Hmmm, that is a bit relief for me! I really don't feel like a girl with a bulging "ball" in my groin anymore, hahaha! Oh yeah baby, now I can feel like I'm a 99.9% natural woman!

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Anonymous said...

yehey! i wonder where the .1% hve gone :-D have a good day :-)