2 more months to go

No, I'm not really counting down because I really enjoy my time here in KL, whether it's the job or for leisure. KL is like my hometown, in fact I have more close friends here than I have in Manila. In Manila, most of my friends have either found new circle of friends or busy working or have other priorities. I also have lost touch with some of them, too. But that's life, we just have to move on I guess.

Tonight was also the last night performance of The Venture Band (Filipino) and Dynamic Touch (Malay) in Concorde. We just dropped by to give the CD I burned for the Venture Band, full of our pics together.

A lot of bands had their last nite performance tonight. Aside from the Concorde bands, the Thai band in Hard Rock Cafe has finished their contract as well. I don't know about other venues.

We still have 2 more months to go and time really does fly so fast... and it surely will...

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