Welcome the Year of the Dog!

Dog-dog-chang! Dog-dog-chang! Dog-dog-chang! I haven't heard the barking version of a traditional lion dance, but I bet it must have sounded like that. It's the year of the dog and I heard that it's a good year for all you people out there born during the year of dog. Marlou was born on the year of the dog. That wholy explains why he barks at me nonstop LOL.

We started the first day of the Chinese New Year with a family lunch at JP's place. We had a chance to meet his sons and grandkids. JP opened a few bottles of red wine in respect to the occasion. It wasn't my first time to drink red wine at lunch, but the wine really got me, or maybe I've had a glass too many.

When we went back to the hotel at almost 5PM, after passing by Secret Recipe to buy a cake, I was so sleepy and a bit tipsy so I just had a nap 'til 7:30PM. Thought I was going to have my first hangover at night! Hahaha!

Brice and I were in our "cheongsam" mini-dresses and Marlou was in his Chinese suit. I had my hair done up in two buns and tried to look very Chinese. People then called me "Chun-Li", after one of the successful female fighters from the video game Streetfighter LOL. My "cheongsam" has been with me and has accompanied me during the past Chinese New Year's day for the past 5 years. Damn, it still does fit me! But since the material wasn't stretchable, it was kinda hard for me to bend over or really take a deep breath because my cheongsam might just unexpectedly burst or the zip on the side might just open up in the middle of the set. But I'm proud to have endured 'controlling' myself until the last set. The crowd was great though, lots of regulars and friends around.

After work, we ate supper a bit and then went to Concorde to share with them the cake and wine that was left over during the lunch today. But we got hooked and was asked to go to the lounge to join some Filipino bands. It was already the last set of The Ventures. They asked me to jam with them, I was still with my Chun-Li hair. Everyone was having so much fun. We all ate supper together at the back of Concorde and shared the cake. As JP would put it, "The food is not important, it's the company that matters".

Happy Chinese New Year again!!!

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