Skin breakout

Por Dios por santo!!! I hate to look at myself in the mirror nowadays. I've been having skin problem since the end of October. It all started with a small bite of seafood. And knowing that I'm allergic to it most of the time (yeah, sometimes it doesn't affect me), I had no other choice then but to give in to seafood. I came back to the hotel with an itchy forehead and that started it.

The allergies were so bad at one time, acne here and there - mostly on my forehead. There was even a time when I wanted to cut off my hair with my paper scissors and have some bangs or fringes just to cover them up. But then again, it won't be advisable to have them because of sweating when we sing. Concealers don't actually work, it only worsens them because of the chemicals.

If there's only an overnight skin regimen that will make my skin clear... ho-hummmmm...

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