Healthy living

I'm not really focused when I do certain things. It means, I start something and then when something else comes my way, I'd leave the present for the new one. That doesn't apply to people though, just want to make it clear ok? I'm talking about deeds that I do. Oh well, let's just cut it short and refer to my workouts, diets, etc.

For the ummmmpth time, I am hitting the gym again. No, no, no! No heavy lifting and no cardio workouts. Just going back to the stuff that have worked for me - Pilates and Yoga.

Didn't you know that Pilates was actually used solely for dancers a long long time ago? Yes, it was created by a German guy named Joseph Pilates. It was in fact the dancers' workout which started in New York years ago. And now, Pilates is one of the effective way to firm and tone the muscles, especially the abdominal part.

And it worked for me - with "worked" being the word, you absolutely know what I mean. I started doing Pilates in 2004. It's the best exercise for me because I am not allowed to lift weights due to my hernia and thyroid problems.

Yoga and Pilates are both mind-body workout and it takes a lot of patience and hard work to see the results. Not to forget a good balanced diet, too. But when you're in Malaysia, you'll be a very brave human being if you don't move your fingers an inch once you see the dishes they have here. Hmmmm yummy...

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