Not well

I’m down with a flu. It just suddenly attacked me after work last Tuesday night. Must be all that stress that’s making my resistance low. I got help from my friends Chona and Sarah who gave me some flu tablets when I went to Concorde just now. We haven’t seen each other for almost a week now.

There’s also a man named Jam from Turkey who went and said hello to me. At first I was taken aback when he approached me as I wasn’t feeling well and I really couldn’t talk much. He said that he has been reading my blog daily. I never met him before but he just surfed on my blog while searching for the names of my friends from the Peach Apple Tree. See how Google works huh! Thanks, Jam! Please keep on supporting my site with your hits LOLZ

Anyway, gotta go to bed early now. Still have a function to attend to tomorrow. The hotel ex-com’s are performing tomorrow. It’ll be their post Christmas and New Year gathering. We’ve been rehearsing with Christmas carols since Tuesday and I think they’ll do just great tomorrow.

By the way, it’s a lunch break performance so I really gotta go now. Besides, the medicine that I took makes me feel drowsy now so I really hafta go! I wanna go zzZZZzzzZZzzz…

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