First off for 2006

I guess it's just fair to be given an off after very stressful weeks - especially for Marlou. Marlou hasn't enjoyed any off on a Monday since we started playing here in October 2005. Lately, he has felt that he needed a deserving break. It wasn't really easy to face music every night, even to those music lovers out there anyway.

Our day - off day actually - started at 4PM. Selena and I went to Lot 10 to bring back the Zang Toi gowns me and Brice wore on the New Year's Eve, while Marlou went ahead to KLCC to have his wifi break at the Starbucks Coffee on the 3rd level. Then we proceeded to KLCC, hoping to catch a movie with Selena. In fact, it would have been our first movie in a cinema together as a family. But being the 2nd of the year 2006 a public holiday in Malaysia, we didn't anticipate the big crowd queueing for their ticket. We wanted to watch "King Kong" or "Cheaper By The Dozen 2", but the queue was so long and it would have been impossible to catch the movie on time. So I just took Selena to Petrosains, but it wasn't our lucky day because we arrived there during their closing time.

Nowhere to go to in KLCC, no playgrounds for children and couldn't bring her outside coz it was drizzling. So I brought her to Kinokuniya bookstore to find any interesting book for her. I was feeling so bad for her because she was really looking forward for this particular offday so we could catch a movie for the first time. But she got all excited when she saw kids sitting on the floor of the children's section, reading their favorite books. It's nice that they actually allow people to read books there, they even have people who puts the books that the children leave on the floor back to their shelves. So Selena spent quite a while sitting there and reading children's books. At around 6PM, we went to meet up with Marlou but he was still into his wifi surfing. So we left him again to go to Toy City and bought Selena some play doughs.

We got a call from our friend from the Immigration Department to get Selena's passport back. She only managed to extend her stay until the 10th of this month. The problem lies now whether to let Selena stay here or not. We still don't have our passports from the hotel and there might just be a little time to get Selena's visa extension done. But we will try. It breaks my heart to let her go while she's enjoying every bit of her stay here with us.

After going back to the hotel to shower and change, we met up with JP for an Italian dinner at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel, at the Villa Danieli. Afterwards, we went to the lounge to listen to the new American singer they've got. She's really good but the sound system was not, but we did enjoy another bottle of wine. JP sent us back to the hotel. He also gave Selena some DVD's to watch so when we arrived the room, Selena insisted that we should watch "The Sound of Music", one of my favorites.

It's a rather good off for us, I've enjoyed it. I actually have enjoyed every bit of it coz Selena made it different. She asked silly questions that I don't even know how to answer cleverly. Or maybe, I just might have left my brains in the hotel for a good off, too. Yeah, I'll have to agree with that.

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