Great evening at the lounge

When the new year commenced, people were in hibernation from going out to the mere fact that they were exhausted from celebrations here and there during Christmas and New Year. Or maybe, they spent too much at that time, so they're saving up some money to spend again, hahaha! And also, school started last week as well as offices started their work for the new year. Some people are rushing their work right now for the coming Chinese New Year. The lounge was always full at those times, but mostly foreigners on weeknights.

Tonight was a great night. I saw a lot of our regular guests in the crowd. This week has been great for me anyway. I was at my best after being ill for a week. Since there was a concert of the great Filipino pianist Reynaldo Reyes at the Shangri-La Ballroom, there were lots of Filipinos in the crowd, too. We were so honored when the great pianist himself came to the lounge after his concert with some of the respectable people from the Filipino Community in Kuala Lumpur.

After work, we then proceeded to Concorde for supper. I had my usual mee mamak which is my favorite food, but I must admit that sooner or later, I will be fed up of it. In fact, I have gained so much weight that I'm deciding to go on a diet. I've restarted my Pilates and yoga a few days ago so I'm hoping I can lose some weight. We went back to the hotel at almost 5AM already.

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