After getting an ionizer, which purifies the air and making it clean and fresh, I've had heavenly, undisturbed sleep since then. Say, 10 hours sleep? Not bad huh? I really swear by this ionizer. It's really great and our room smells so fresh. We thought it smells like ice cream or candy. But anyway, that's just maybe sweet-toothy me.

It's our off today, I got up at 4PM. Marlou and I went to Berjaya Times Square to stroll around. I missed Selena so much because she's the one who would drag me into the shops and sometimes, she'd be the one deciding what's good for me. Oh yeah, my 6 year old princess has an exquisite and elegant taste just like Mommy and Daddy. But, there's one flaw, she's too conservative! She would make funny comments on my clothes, how they're so bare and how they might fall off if I dance. Hmmm, more conservative than the Dad I guess.

So anyway, we just stayed there for an hour. Dropped by Imbi Plaza to see what's new with technology and then headed off back to the hotel to change. We met up with our boss at 8PM, but he was so busy doing work so Marlou and I had to staaaaarve until 10:30PM. We had Indian food in Brickfields. Afterwards, we went to Istana Hotel to see the Filipino band. The Musictheque bar was empty when we came in and until we left. We met the band who was also from Cebu. The keyboardist was even a close friend to Marlou's younger sister when they were still in highschool! It's a small world indeed!

We left Istana Hotel at past 1AM. Marlou and I walked and strolled along Jalan Sultan Ismail until we reached Concorde. We were supposed to just peep and say hi to the band. But a Turkish friend, Cem, saw us and invited us to have a drink. So we stayed for the first half of the last set of the Peach Apple Tree before going back to the hotel.

We just stayed in the room with Chona, Sarah and Wacky after having a hearty meal for supper. We watched "Wedding Crashers" until 7AM.

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Anonymous said...

LOL! makes me really laugh when you said Selena is more conservative than Dad and she would make funny comments about your clothes...hehehe...cute!