Selena and Noor

Selena and Noor are getting along so well that I think they’re inseparable from the time Selena wakes up in the early afternoon. Noor would always come in our room to play with Selena or they’d go to Noor’s room to play there. But since they have a baby and the baby needs to sleep most of the time, they’d move into our room. They both love watching movies. Noor is 4 years old, but is such an adorable girl. She’s the eldest daughter of our hotel’s Italian resident manager.

It’s fun when you overhear kid’s conversation. They’d explain things to each other in their innocent ways. Sometimes they’d ask silly questions and sometimes questions that I don’t even know how to answer. And that’s when you realize how cute they really are. And sometimes, you’d wish that they’ll just stay that way. Oh, you wish!

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