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I haven’t blogged for quite some time now. I’ve been very very busy being a supermom – and enjoying every bit of it. Though sometimes, I must admit that I get stressed coz December is usually the time of the year when we’d be very busy. I need to relax more I guess.

It’s the 11th Asean Summit in KL next week and the delegates have started to come couple of days ago. In the hotel’s main entrance, they even have installed a metal detector and an x-ray scan for the luggages or stuff, just like in the airports. The city has been busy to with lots of road blocks and police roaming around.

At work, it’s a bit boring because people tend to come in groups, due to the upcoming conference, and would just talk. Though we still received warm applauses from them once in a while. We already have the Charity Christmas tree in the lobby lounge which has “Christmas lamps” all over instead of the traditional twinkling lights and balls. Theme is “you light up my life” which pertains to the beneficiaries who will be helped with the donations from our patrons.

During the eve of Brice’s birthday, we’ve got lots of close friends who came to wish her well. It was also the last night of my Aunty Susan before she went back to Manila. She’ll be coming back here again in January next year to work for my friend. We also have gone to the Immigration Department in Putrajaya to extend Selena’s visa for another month. She’ll be going back to Manila to study in January.

Well, guess I’m not good in summarizing because I just spill out the teeny bit of the whole thing. Missing a day in the blog is not really good. So I must try harder to blog daily – even if it’s non-sense I guess…

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