Very very early

Went to bed at 6AM today. My friend Edlyn has been staying with us for a few days now because she feels lonely in our bandhouse in Cheras, besides she loves chatting with us - nonstop! So today, we went to bed at 6AM, slept for a few hours...

Got up at almost 10AM. Our good friend booked me an appointment with his family physician to be checked for my hernia & thyroid. I was suggested to do a Radioactive Iodine Treatment for my thyroid and a surgery for my hernia - both of which I'll have to decide soon. Will see a surgeon and have another checkup in General Hospital soon for proper diagnosis.

It's our off day and I'm back in the hotel right now. Have to catch some sleep, Marlou has a performance tonight. I might just stay in the hotel to rest. I've had lots of food today in our friend's condo in Damansara.

Will be posting some pics soon...
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