New Goal

I woke up at 10AM, Selena had been trying to wake me up no matter how hard I tried to tell her that mommy needs to sleep more. She's been asking stuff, talking about how long my hair is - while I was half-awake. I just kept mumbling "uhum", "yeah", "no" and "shhhh" repeatedly. So now one new goal for me - to try to sleep at the same time with her.

I finally got up at 12 noon when she said she's hungry and that she wanted to play. My head was spinning so I just lay in the bed for a while after I made her milk and prepared her "brunch" - by the way, my term brunch is the chocolate bread that I bought from the Star Mart at the Caltex downstairs. Marlou attended to her while I stole some nap while she was busy finishing her brunch.

The weather wasn't good so instead of going out to buy some of her stuff, we just stayed back in the room. She was busy with her stamps, pretending to be an immigration officer who gives chops on our passports. She was also singing nonstop on her microphone - the one I bought for her yesterday from KLCC. It's a toy, a microphone with a mic stand and with an attached lyrics stand in a shape of a flower. It's multi colored from the base to the microphone and what's amazing is it already equipped with 3 foot swtiches for 6 different songs she can sing along with.

I waited for the rain to stop while I had a nap for an hour. At 7PM, the rain had already stopped so I went to Concorde with Selena to see my friends for a while. Selena was later on fetched by Susana's husband to supposedly see a doctor. Selena has been having cough since last weekend when she was still in Manila. I finally had my own time to prepare for work.

It was so unusual for a Friday night to be so quiet when we started our first set. The whole week was so busy at the lounge that it was difficult to find a table on our 2nd set. But the lounge wasn't filled until our 3rd set! The late crowd started to come and soon even the bar was filled with standing crowd. Our last set was overly extended - 30 minutes extension - so we played straight for an hour and 15 minutes! It was funny when we had our 3 songs which were introduced as "this is our last song" but since the crowd called out for more, we had to play more. It was great to play for a crowd like that, when they really appreciate our music. We finished at 1:20AM.

Right after the stage lights went out and the lobby lounge lit up bright, I got a call from Susana telling me that they are just outside. So I ran to the hotel entrance and took Selena from the car, while I was wiping myself dry from sweat. Selena was obviously lookign tired and sleepy so we went up right away. I prepared her milk, bathed her, gave her her vitamins, before she went to sleep at around 2AM.

We have an early day tomorrow. BBQ lunch in Subang, another open-house of Papa Jamal and his family. Some of the staff and some of our friends in the lounge are also coming tomorrow. It will surely be a fun day.

Having said that... I think I have to log off now. Remember my new goal: Sleep when Selena's asleep!!!

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