Another open-house

It's amazing that Malaysians have been celebrating Hari Raya for more than 2 weeks now. Papa Jamal and his family hosted another open-house today in their house in Subang today. Open-houses are common during Hari Raya and havr been their tradition during this festive season. That gives them a chance to mingle with friends & relatives and visit other houses. The hosts usually serve food, preferably spicy Malaysian dishes and some of their cakes and sweets.

We woke up at 12 noon today. Luckily Selena had enough rest. We waited for Nanay Susana to pick us up and we arrived Papa Jamal's house at around 2PM. Brice slept over there and it was Selena's turn to sleep over there (she's fast asleep right now). I wasn't able to eat much because of the spicy food prepared. I just enjoyed mingling with friends. We went back to the hotel at 5:30PM, still gave us some time to take a nap.

It was unusually quiet for a Saturday at the lounge tonight. Not really quiet, the lounge was still full but the people were quite boring, until we finished. It was hard to please tonight's crowd, but I didn't care a bit. I still enjoyed myself with every song we played, even though my voice has turned hoarse coz lack of sleep the past few days - since Selena arrived. We're still adjusting to her time and vice versa.

Tomorrow is the A1 race. We're going to the Sepang Circuit tomorrow to watch the race and to support the Malaysian team. I'm going to see Alex Yoong's wife again, former Miss Malaysia Arianna Teoh. I really love her beauty, I haven't seen her for a year since that Engelbert Humperdinck show at the Shangri-La Hotel. Oh and of course, we're going to see the equally handsome husband of hers, the star of tomorrow's race, Alex Yoong.

Hafta to go zzZZZzzzZZZzzz...

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