My guitar

I got another birthday gift from Marlou yesterday. He bought me a guitar with a hard case for travelling. I was so glad because I really wanted to learn how to play a guitar. Well, I know how to play the D-A-G chords, which are by the way used in a lot of songs, but I'm confused with the rest of the major chords alone. I will be allotting time for that because I have the right resources online and Marlou also bought me some softwares for it.

We had a dinner with the Jamal family at the Shang's Lemon Garden Cafe for "buka puasa" or breaking fast. It was a busy night at the lounge again, with familiar faces around. After work, we went to Concorde Hotel to say hello to the Peach Apple Tree who just arrived back to perform in KL again. We missed them a lot. Went back to the hotel at 3AM and went to bed straight. Just woke up now.

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