Late pressie

Last year, a friend promised me a birthday gift and I was so surprised that he hasn't forgotten about it. Today, he gave me something to make up for the year delay. But I didn't mind coz I've been playing with it since this afternoon and I love it!

Went to the Philippine Embassy today to notarize some of Selena's papers. I wasn't allowed by the guard to go inside because I was wearing a sleeveless blouse - I didn't know they had dress code there. The guard was new and I understood that he only did his job. So Marlou went in to inquire while I was left at the gate. At first I was a bit annoyed because the guard was so talkative and kept on asking questions. But he was so funny and sarcastic at the same time, that by the time Marlou was done, I was laughing with the guard and his cat. The embassy asked us to come back tomorrow to merge the two different forms into one.

At work, it was a bit boring because we didn't see familiar faces in the crowd. But glad that they enjoyed themselves. I hope this weekend will be good. At the mo', I'm waiting for Yec of Venture Band to come to our room...

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