Afternoon party

It was my boss' birthday party in the afternoon. Met up with the Concorde bands in the lobby of Shangri-La, we got 2 big taxis, one for the girls and the other for the boys. We proceeded to Leisure Mall in Cheras, the venue was just behind it. At 1PM, we all proceeded to the restaurant. There were six big tables reserved for the birthday lunch. When our boss arrived, we all sang birthday song, he didn't act surprised because I think he knew about it, our boss is very smart & since he has experienced lots of surprise birthday parties before, so this one was no different to him.

Six tables was enough for the people who came like his friends from the Philippine Embassy. Only few bands came because he only has few bands in KL, most of them are overseas. Bands from Concorde Hotel, Hilton KL Hotel, Hyatt Saujana, and some bands who are still waiting for their bookings. There were lots of food and I was so damn full but what I liked best was the chocolate cake. I even jumped from one table to another to get some untouched pieces! Hahaha! Even my boss gave me his share of cake. The party ended at 4PM.

I went to the gym to burn the cakes that I took. The aerobics room was all mine. Went back to the room at almost 7PM, took a rest for a while before preparing for work.

The lounge was again full and it was a good business for a Tuesday. My neighbor came and for the first time, watched me perform onstage. I was kinda shy at first because that guy has known me since I was 7 years old and there I was, shaking my butt out! I'm now burning the CD which I'd like to send to Selena, some pics and videos she wanted to see. My friend Yec called and asked me to go to Concorde to eat supper with them, so I will definitely meet her after this blog then go straight to Hotel Nikko to give the stuff for Selena to my neighbor.

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