First offday in KL

It was our first offday in KL and it was worth spending for. Marlou had to perform ALONE as required by the hotel. But luckily, we were able to go out at daytime. meet with our friends from the concorde hotel. Went to KLCC to buy some things at the Watson's. We then went back to the hotel to prepare for Marl's first Monday gig at the Shang KL.

It wasn't bad, although I personally think that 3 sets would be enough, as opposed to the 4 sets the hotel was requiring him. Some of my friends appeared in the crowd so I had to play a little bit of "PR manager" while Marl was playing.

After work, we then went to Concorde and greet Wacky from the Peach Apple Tree, it's his birthday. The other Fili[ino band, The Venture, asked me to jam with them, so I sang the remarkable Objection (what else can I sing with a nasal voice?!?). I sang a song with the Peach Apple Tree and another song with The Venture.

After work, we all went behind Concorde and ate at the mamak stalls to celebrate Wacky's birthday. It was fun and I certainly enjoyed my first offfday in KL!!! Hooray!

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