Staff Party again

Tonight was the 2nd night of the Staff Party. They did a 2-night event for hotel staff to take over the shift of the ones attending the party after they've attended it themselves yesterday. I arrived the ballroom at 8:30PM and had a lot of time to relax there, unlike last night's rush. I was able to talk to the gorgeous models that I'll be strutting on the catwalk with. They've very young but very tall and look so lovely!

Culture Shock band wasn't there when I arrived because they left right away after their performance. But tonight was a lot crazier than last night (I think) as I have managed to watch some of their party games. Everyone was really enjoying.

Last night I was a bit jittery. Tonight, I was more confident with my performance, though I wore a simpler Jessica McClintock gown than the one I wore last night. But that's all right. They liked our overall performance anyway.

It's really fun to hang out with the hotel staff during parties or outside the hotel because they behave differently and they look so much different. Maybe they think of us the same way...

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