Pudong Shangri-La Staff Party

Pudong Shangri-La hosted their 2005 staff party at the new China Ballroom of the hotel's newly opened Tower 2. The affair started at 6PM. The BATS band performed during dinner time (I was still in the house getting ready). I picked a nice Jessica McLintock gown which I bought 2 years ago and have just used it only once! So I decided to use it tonight for the 2nd time, just for me to get my money's worth in buying that dress.

The Front Office asked for my assistance to sing the Shangri-La Theme, which I'd always sing every night when we start our 1st set, while their lovely models strut the catwalk-style stage. The models turned out to be the lobby girls who would open the door for the guests and they looked stunning. I looked so tiny compared to them especially when all of them went to the front to strike their poses while I stayed at the back, singing the ho-hum song which was remixed by Marl.

After my performance which was around 8:45PM, I joined the Culture Shock band in their table. They were sitting in the VIP table where the hotel executive officers were sitting. They gave me wine and I thought twice because I didn't have dinner at all. But I ended up gulping a couple of glasses anyway so that's the end of the story.

Marlou and Brice played 2-piece for the 1st set, for the 2nd night. Last night, I was asked to rehearse during our 1st set so they had to play the first set as a 2 piece. I joined them halfway and there were funny & puzzled looks on the faces of the guests. Probably they're thinking that I was late for work. So tonight, we decided that they'll just finish the 1st set. Better that way.

I'll be performing tomorrow for the 2nd night of the staff party again. Hopefully it's more exciting tomorrow. Ciao!

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