BATS time again!

We haven't played at the BATS for 2 weeks now. Time flew so fast indeed. Tonight, we played at the BATS and entertained them again with the kind of music that we love to play. What kind of music? R&B, hiphop, dance, latin, retro, etc. And it felt so good playing all those songs again.

The some members of the house band of BATS, Culture Shock, were there the whole night. A few friends including pregnant Wendy who will be giving birth anytime this week maybe, was also there with her family. The bar was filled with foreign guests who spent their time talking and occasionally listening to us. Well of course, they watched us when we shook our little bums, for sure!

Next BATS gig is on July 24. For the meantime, back to lullabies at the lobby lounge during the next 2 weeks.

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