An "ah-yi" (cleaning lady) came and cleaned our flat. She did the usual things. She dusted the tabletops & furnitures, she swept and wiped the floor.

After she left our bedroom, I decided to take a shower. I undressed and jumped into the shower, mixed the right temperature of water for me, I always prefer it hot which would get the mirrors and glasses brumous and misty. I did my usual stuff. I'm not the kind that would spend half an hour or more in the shower, I do that maybe once a week or once in two weeks. I shampooed, rinse, conditioned my hair. I also washed and scrubbed my body, sometimes spreading my legs!
When I finished, I suddenly realized that I didn't have my towel on the rack, it was left in my little quiet corner by the window. So since the floor has just been cleaned and swept, I felt a bit guilty if I'd drip on it. So I used the small handtowel to dry myself a bit. I got on a floor rug in my naked body and slowly walked through the room to get to the window.

I was kinda enjoying dragging the rug and walking like a robot when I noticed something... I forgot to close the curtains!!! I didn't know what to do whether to go back to the bathroom, jump into the bed and hide myself under the covers, or continue walking slowly without dripping on the floor. I chose the latter. But I didn't know which of my private parts to cover first. I remember an old joke about getting stripped accidentally in a public and instead of covering both private parts, you should cover your face instead to avoid embarrassment LOL. But I chose to cover the upper part and turned sideways (at least I'm quite confident that my bum is in a good shape! LOL). It was the longest 10 seconds I've ever had in my present bedroom! I grabbed my towel and wrapped it around my body. And as I closed the curtains, the towel dropped on the floor! It was so hilarious.

People from the construction building and office buildings across ours must have enjoyed a little showtime out of my stupidity today. They must have had a good view while I was having a shower and a good laugh after that. I was having a good laugh, too, but with a bit embarrassed look. Definitely the best showtime in the shower I have ever done and will ever do. I hope nobody took me on video! Oh no!

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