Evening gown in the afternoon

I chatted with one of my best online buddies, used to be the best friend I had online but due to our busy schedule, we only chat once in a while... like once in a day I guess! LOL Aubz is the female singer of Ch@terbox Band and they've been like one of the young veterans in the Hong Kong music scene. We often chat about almost everything under the sun... or the stars... (because we would usually chat at night after our work). One topic that we have recently discussed is wearing gowns. How comfortable or uncomfortable it is, she hasn't tried it while singing that's why she's wondering. I even told her a story that sometimes I have to wear gown from the moment I wake up due to functions. And she laughed, because she knows some people who would wear evening gowns even in the afternoons. It's okay. But walking in the street with your sexy evening gown and stiletto shoes is a big no-no! Hmmm, what would be the right excuse for that? Hailing a cab, maybe? Oh well... enuff said... LOL

Ch@terbox website: http://www.heysians.com/chterbox
Aubz's website: http://www.freewebs.com/aubz

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