Tues, 5/17 -

We were just at home the whole afternoon. Doing things work-related, that's what we have agreed upon. In the afternoons, we'll have to do work-related stuff so that it will be fair for everyone and we have moved our practice schedule to afternoon. I'm not fully forbidden to go online in the afternoons but I can check email for a while then go back to work. I'm usually tasked to do the lyrics for the group and research/download songs from the net. After work is supposed to be our time to relax and unwind, only then I can unwind myself and go online to do my stuff.

We left for work at 7:30PM, had our dinner. Since it's just Tuesday and Tuesdays are so slow, we wore something short but elegant tonight. After our first set, I saw our hotel GM in the lobby and he said that we should go and change because our dress is not suitable. Maybe he had a point, maybe he doesn't want us to wear short dresses in the lounge, even they look classy. And maybe he forgot that we already moved to the apartment and not staying conveniently in the hotel anymore. Soooo... we didn't know what to do. If we don't go back and change and then if he sees us again, we'd get scolded by him. So Marlou played for our 2nd set alone... for the first time... while Brice and I walked out of the hotel. We were so shocked to see lots of people waiting for taxi, the queue was soooo long! There's something wrong in the new building of Shang that they closed all the roads on and leading to that area, maybe construction trouble or something. So how the hell can we to find a taxi at that moment and come back to the hotel to sing again? We begged the bellboys to help us. One bell boy accompanied us walking outside the street, in my stiletto shoes and mini dress! I didn't care if everyone on the street were looking at us because I was in a verge of panicking, lengthening my neck to see if there's any taxi coming. But since the roads were all closed, we couldn't find any taxi. Saved by the bell, or bellboy, he saw the hotel limousine driver on a Mercedes Benz limousine. He asked the driver that we were sent back home by the GM to change into our long gowns.

Yes!!! The driver agreed to drive us back to the apartment. When we got into the lift, there's a Chinese guy with us. When we reached our floor, we went out of the lift and swiped the keycard. We couldn't open the door! We forgot that we always have to extend our key everyday in the reception at the apartment lobby. So we went back to the lift. We were surprised that the Chinese guy was on our floor. Either he might have gone out of the lift to follow us or he might have thought that it's his floor too. Or maybe he doesn't live in the building. Then he was looking at both of us, asked us where we are from and if we we in the building (or on that floor) to visit some guy. He thought we were "service girls"!!! Oh my goooood! I was thinking what's taking the lift too long to get on our floor, I was so insulted and irritated. I don't think Brice got what the guy just asked us, so she innocently continued and said no and that we live in the building. He was taken aback and asked us what our jobs are. And at last, our lift arrived and luckily he didn't follow us again. In the lift, I explained to Brice what the guy just asked us and what he first thought we were. Brice suddenly got it at last and wanted to go back and tell the guy off! Hahaha! So we extended our keycard and went back to our unit and changed. It took us only less than 3 minutes to slip into our long black gowns!
(Note: if there's nothing "much" underneath, it's easier to dress up! LOL)

Our driver waited for about 10 minutes because of the damn keycard! So we went back to the hotel. Brice and I were enjoying ourselves inside the limousine, innocently pushing some of the lit buttons while interviewing our Chinese driver, LOL! We were laughing about the Chinese guy on our floor who thought that we are floozies! I can't believe that it took us one whole 45-minute set to get back to the apartment. We got into the hotel and hid near the toilet because Marlou was singing his last song for the second set. So as soon as he finished singing, we congratulated him for a good job done and we excitedly told him non-stop what happened within the past 45 minutes.

After work, we went back to the apartment. I had lots of things to do so I tried to do them all one by one while chatting at the same time! LOL

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