Post for Wednesday May 18

We woke up at 1PM, housekeeping came to clean the unit. She finished cleaning the unit at almost 2PM. I called my favorite tailor to check if it's still his number. I was so happy when he remembered me eventhough I only said "Sarita! Philippine!" LOL. Oh, that's how I'd usually talk to him with matching sign language & kungfu moves LOL.

While Marlou went to Xiangyang Market to buy his new trolley bag for work, Brice and I went to the silk market to buy some cloth. We need to have more gowns made so we won't have to wear black all the time. We managed to buy 3 different materials, dark coloured ones, not black. We walked to my tailor's shop, which took us around 15 minutes. Luckily the weather wasn't hot or cold. Brice had her measurements taken first before me. We gave our designs to our tailor and left. We took a taxi and wanted to go back to the ferry station where we got off. But I forgot how to say it, so I called my Chinese friend to help me tell the driver. But the driver sent us to the wrong ferry station, I don't even know where the ferries are going. So after a few arguments, me speaking in Tagalog or English and the driver speaking in Chinese, we finally met halfway to send us straight to Pudong, luckily the new tunnel was just around the corner. We got off at the computer building and bought a new Canon printer, not the portable kind. My old Canon portable printer has a problem with it's printer head and it was difficult looking for a new printer head. And also, the price of a new printer head is almost the same price of a new non-portable printer. Besides, I can it to Manila for my brothers to use for their school projects and researches.

We went to work at 7:30PM, had dinner as usual. I'm loving the salmon sushi that I'd usually take almost everything in the Jap corner of the dinner buffet! It was busy at the lounge, but more on people busy talking or having a meeting.

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