My first day in Pent-Ox

I just woke up. Need to make this quick because we have a hotel function at 5:30PM. Need to prepare early and need to at least vocalize my voice. We have to leave the apartment at 4PM.

Pent-Ox apartments are very nice, I've stayed here before in 2003 just before the SARS outbreak. They moved us here temporarily at that time because the hotel was running full. We stayed in a 3-bedroom apartment. It was a lot of fun but we were getting sick because it was still winter then. When the hotel started to run low, they transferred us back there, until the occupancy picked up after the outbreak and until we finished the contract.

What I love most about staying here is... (drum roll)... the broadband internet! The unit is broadband internet-ready! Wooohoooo! Happy netting!

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Anonymous said...

Love your blogs you are special. unkle frank