Long day

We left the apartment at 4:10PM. We were in our civilian clothing, we just brought our gown, shoes & other stuff. When we got to the hotel, Marl went straight to the ballroom to setup our equipments while Brice and I went straight to the restaurant to order our late lunch, I ordered spaghetti bolognese. After securing my order, I ran to the mall to buy some of my favorite snack at the moment, Pretz, that I usually eat when I feel like eating and I have nothing to do! LOL

Ater 30 minutes, I went back to the hotel and I was just in time because our orders just arrived. Marlou forgot a cable so he went back to the apartment. That's the difficult thing about living outside, especially for me, who would always forget something in the room. So I always have to worry everytime we leave the apartment from now on. In fact, there was something I forgot to bring - my shawl.

15 minutes before 6PM, Brice and I went to the toilet and changed into our gowns, while wiating for Marlou to come back. When we went to the ballroom, he was already there and was furious about us getting late. There was a misunderstanding about the time and since he didn't carry his mobile phone, I didn't know where to contact him. So anyway, we were just in time, because we sang right away. Our position was quite funny, they put us in the farthest corner, near the pantry! So, waiters and managers kept passing by us while we were singing. And our sound was softer than the sooooft sound that we have in the lobby.

We sang from 6:00-6:45PM, break for 15 minutes. During the break, Marl had his sandwich, he was already starving, poor Marl! Then we went back to sing at 7:00-7:45PM. After that, we went back to the lounge, put our things there. We weren't hungry so me and Brice just had cappuccino in the restaurant. It's freezing outside and in the hotel and we bought forgot our shawls so we needed something warm.

Tonight was a great night at work, not so boring. People were listening most of the time, sometimes not. LOL

When I reached home, I fixed my stuff in the room and then went online until now. Very tired. It's been a long day for us three. Brice has retired to sleep. Marl is still editing some songs. Guess I'll be having an early "early-morning" today (can't say early evening) and take a rest. It's gonna be weekend! Ciao!

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