Gloomy weather

I was in my zizz at 2PM... when 2 girls frm housekeeping barged in the unit, calling out in Chinese, checking if anybody was in or maybe asking if we want our unit to be cleaned. Who wouldn't be awaken by that? I thought there was some kind of emergency! And how would I know what they were shouting about, I only have handful Chinese phrases and most of them are phrases that I use when I shop! Hahaha!

So anyway, I didn't get out of the bed, Marlou just let them clean the living room and toilets. Then one of them opened the light in my room, thinking that there was no one on the bed -- I couldn't breathe and felt like suffocated, then I realized I was under the blanket! Hahaha! But she turned it off again and apologized. I didn't get up to have my coffee until 3PM.

Hmmm, Chinese people. Even when they talk, they sound like they're arguing that will definitely catch anyone's attention. Oh, and in a market or small shops, you can see the customer arguing with the shopkeeper. It's either the customer wants to return the gooods or customer/shopkeeper is rude to the other.

They're busybodies too. When I try to haggle and bargain prices way down low, other people would watch and laugh as I give my ridiculous prices until the shopkeeper gives in or until I meet halfway with the shopkeeper. There was one time when I had my "small audience" following me around the shops! Hahaha!

I was planning to go out today to buy black slacks for our Sunday gig. My black pants bore a hole while I was dancing last Sunday because the material wasn't really stretchable. And my buttcrack showed whenever I bent over or even when I simply moved my hips! Have to change it! Hopefully tomorrow is a better day so I can send out my laundry to the hotel and shop for some needed stuff. There are no hangers here and the closet in our room is just enough for Marlo's suits. I had to put 5 dresses in a hanger to fit everything. So have to buy a lot of things tomorrow.

Hopefully our boss gets here on Saturday. I've got Malaysian Ringgits, want to change them to Chinese Yuan. So it'll save me from changing my US Dollars. Till later!

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget to grab a CAT5/CAT6 cable @ the computer/electronic store, or you might consider getting a wireless router and wireless adapter instead? Attaching your self to a wired Ethernet router might not be a good idea for a multitasker like you. Your mobility will be limited; can’t chat, eat, update website and talk to Marl at the same time hahahaha. :o)