Friday the 13th of May

I was so elated today. I chatted with Selena today. We were voice chatting in Yahoo and they could me see me on my webcam. Whenever we chat, we'd use the IMvironment "Doodle" and she can write and draw on the screen. She wrote "I Love You Mommy" and "I Miss You Mommy" and I was so touched. Not that it's her first time to write those words, but I've been missing her a lot since I left her in Manila at the end of March. When she came to KL in October last year, it the longest time I ever spent with her (6 months in total). And I've been missing her so much.

Anyway, Selena said she had her entrance exams for Prep (Preparatory Level). She's going to Paco Catholic School this June when school-year 2005-2006 begins. She has already bought her school. She's really excited and looking forward to go to school. She's really smart and the one who took her exams told my mom that Selena is really a smart girl. Selena bragged that the exams were easy and she didn't make any mistakes. That's my girl!

When I was chatting with her in Yahoo, I was laughing so hard when I hit CTRL+G - the "buzz" feature. It supposed to shake the chat window. Then she told me, "Mommy, you just made an earthquake!", hahaha!

Left Pent-Ox at 7:30PM. It was freezing outside because it was drizzling. Usually it would be hard to get a cab when it rains, not only in Shanghai, but anywhere. But we're lucky because there was a taxi who sent a passenger to our building. Since it was jammed at the hotel entrance, we just asked the cab to stop at the staff entrance which was a bit flooded. Imagine, me in my long gown (backless as usual) and nice stiletto heels, running under the light rain! And it was really freezing, I only had my thin see-thru shawl to wrap me. By the time we got to the restaurant of the hotel, I was really shivering but I was still all smiling and poised of course!

It was a great night at work. I saw most of our guests that we've had the whole week, most of them for the conference being held at the Shangri-La for a week. There's this particular young guy who I haven't spoken to at all but have seen him around. On our 3rd set, he left the lounge with his friends. I was surprised when he came back and was heading the stage. He gave me a piece of paper, thought it was a request. It said:

I may not be able to see you after tonight. I just want you to know that I love your voice and I think that you are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. Enjoy your further stay. Niltsan
It flattered me of course. I find it sweet and very very humbling. I wanted to thank him, but he was already gone. Most of the guys from the conference are leaving tomorrow so I guess, we'll have another set of guests from tomorrow. I promised one of our guests from that conference, Gary of California, that I will mention him in my blog for today. He's the one I was making fun of during our last set. So I owed him special mentioning, I guess! Hahahaha! He promised that he will check my blog... Gary, are you reading these lines??? LOL

I'm using dialup right now because my network cable gave up. Couple of the pins collapsed that's why it can't be detected by either the router or LAN port on my laptop. Anyway, gotta go to sleep now. Another long day tomorrow. Tah-tah!

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