It was really freezing today. We went to the hotel to drop our laundry. They have schedule time for drop & pick up at 3:30-4:30PM everyday. They're very strict about it. We also talked to the hote management because the management in Pent-Ox wanted us to check-out tomorrow at 12PM. We got kinda confused because the Pent-Ox might have thought that we are supposed to check out on Friday, meaning, today is already an extension, until tomorrow. Hopefully, they won't call us again in the middle of our sleep to ask whether we're checking out or extending our stay.

Marlou and I went to the supermarket to buy some food stuff and some needed stuff at home. Afterwards, I went to the computer building, while the two of them waited for any developments. They couldn't go back to the apartment because Pent-Ox didn't even want to extend the key for us to use to get into the unit... our things are all inside there anyway! I went to the computer building, bought my network cable and a new microphone headset for voice chatting. I couldn't find a printer head for my BJC80 printer. Damn!

We went to work at 7:15PM, it was still drizzling and I only had my shawl to cover my head and my body. Had our dinner and relaxed afterwards. It was a quiet evening at the lounge, but it was okay. hey laid the red carpet just before we began our 3rd set because a Singaporean VIP (maybe politician) arrived.

After work, we were anticipating that there would be something wrong with the key. We were even betting, but no problem with it! I went to the room and fixed my stuff. After removing my makeup, I did my Pilates workout on the bed. The mattress is quite firm so I thought I could do my workout there. After my workout I opened up my luggage and got confused on how to arrange all my clothes! I hanged some of my clothes in the closet.

I only went online at 2:30AM, chatted a bit, replied some mails. Tomorrow is B.A.T.S. day so have to take my beauty rest now. Hi, Beautiful Sunday!

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