Dark skies

It's 2:47PM. Thanks no call from the Pent-Ox management to ask us if we're checking out today. But housekeeping called and asked if we want our rooms to be cleaned. Since I was half-asllept-half-awaken, I told them to clean the unit tomorrow instead.

The skies are dark and I think it'll rain today again. It's our B.A.T.S. day. So I hit the shower as soon as I woke up because we will be leaving the house at 3:15PM for a soundcheck in the hotel. Oh, this is the day that I'm looking forward to every week. It's fun playing different kind of music at the lobby, more relaxed and my voice is not strained at all. Even when I talk on stage, I don't have to sound so lively than I usually do because people usually would like to read a book, chat with their friends, and doze off while we sing lullabies!

Hmm, this blog is really getting more exciting. I get lots of hits every day! Wooohooo! Way to go, Sarita!

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