Rodney - Laugh At First Sight (BIGO TOUR)

I used to do this segment in my BIGO Livestreams which I call "BIGO TOUR". It's basically finding a random person to talk to by using the "Match" button in a livestream. So once I find my match, I'd prank them that I don't know how to speak Tagalog at all - if the other party is from the Philippines. But if it's from another country, then I pull up "Mommy Dionisia" (Manny Pacquio's mother) accent. 

There have been lots of funny matches before and I really miss doing it. So today, out of the blue, I just decided to go on a BIGO Tour. Usually I'd finish it off with a "Izza Prank!" revelation at the end. But today, I had audio problem at that time (due to cabling) so I couldn't actually hear him and I was only relying on the comments for communication. And here's what happened. Dear Rodney, please forgive me. LOL 😊

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