Yayyy for 2 Million Beans!!! With just 1 official PK in the 9 months that I've been on Bigo, it sure wasn't an easy ride. People come and go, supporters come and go. PK is the sure way to be able to hit quota. The higher quota you’ll achieve, the higher compensation you’ll be able to get at the end of the month. But we, the #crazyfambam, chose to just relax and go with the flow instead of subjecting our ourselves with quota. But importantly, we stayed on with utmost consistency and professionalism. And I can say that it was all worth it. Thank you to my Team Puyaters, KaGoodVibes, KaPwersa, and KaBudols!

If you've been to my morning sessions or livehouse performances or just lurked on me, THANK YOU! Because you contributed to making me consistent on Top Heatlist every single day. 

And with that, I will continue the good vibes every single morning! MARAMING SALAMAT PO! Cheers!

Download Bigo Live app and search for me: saritaonline. My livestreaming time get adjusted depending on what time I start my session, but you’ll surely catch me doing my thing between 8-11am. Or click thiis link to watch #GoodVibesWithSarita daily:


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