New Year's Eve Countdown Party 2020 with the URB Band at Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur


Since we've been doing New Year's Eve Countdown Parties for Shangri-La KL since 2002, I've actually lost count how many times already. But since we came back on the road in 2015, we have done the New Year's Eve Shows for the past 4 consecutive years. It's that one day in a year that I've always been looking forward to where they let me conceptualize the show to unleash our best onstage. It's that one day that often takes weeks of preparation, sometimes even months.

This year, we did it again at the posh Lobby Lounge of the Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur. The way they turned the whole lobby into a mini-concert hall is really amazing. This year was slightly different from the past years because they have set up an LED wall as our backdrop onstage. My 8 backup dancers are from 2Twenty2 Studios this year headed by the choreographer Zaidy and it was a breeze working with them. I had 2 outfit changes and I managed to sing one of the songs I've been wanting to do for the longest time - the Queen Of The Night / Fifth Element Aria Mashup. Everyone had a good time and that's what's important for performers like us.

Anyway, this year, since Marlou has been doing vlogs and was so eager to vlog about the evening, I let him edit the video. Check out his New Year's Eve vlog below and please subscribe to his Youtube channel - The Singing Wanderer!

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