The Night Before The Tragic Easter Attacks in Sri Lanka

URB Band at Sapphyr Lounge

Taken exactly a week ago, that Saturday night before that fateful Easter tragedy that struck our home, Shangri-La Hotel, Colombo, and the rest of Sri Lanka. 🇱🇰

We remember it clearly. It was a fun Saturday night at the Sapphyr Lounge as people came back from a week-long New Year hiatus and our regulars came to celebrate with us. That happy night that will be etched in our hearts and memories forever. ❤️

Looking back, we’re just so thankful that we were unharmed. We are safe right now and being well taken care of. And we feel sorry for those who suffered and died on #EasterAttacksSL. ✝️ 


Hotel is still closed until further notice and we are currently on standby with what their decision will be. Will keep you guys posted. Thank you for all your concern and sweet messages. 🙏 

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