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Power Couple at the Ironman Colombo 2019
I started this blog off by writing "woke up very early" but then I realized that we actually didn't get to sleep. LOL! 6AM is usually our daily bedtime (yes, we're nocturnal beings), so we just rested and watched this movie about the notorious Colombian drug dealer in the 70s til 90s, Paolo Escobar entitled "Loving Pablo, Hating Pablo". Not bad at all.

Anyway, the day before the event, hubby was lucky to score some souvenir jersey shirts from the Ironman merchandise booth. In fact, he was the last customer at the cashier. His shirt fitted him just perfectly, whereas mine was a bit loose. But hey, we're still lucky to have scored these!

Like the first Ironman Colombo last year, which we were lucky to have witnessed as well, the whole event was concentrated in and around Shangri-La Hotel Colombo. The event officially kicked off 4 days before the race day, with most function rooms and ballrooms of the hotel catering for the event itself.

The big day was held on the 24th of February 2019 (Sunday) just outside of the hotel, right at the Galle Face Green by the Indian Ocean. It was well organized this time and the atmosphere was better than last year, not to mention the ambience and the beautiful surrounding - thanks to almost complete construction of One Galle Face - Shangri-La Colombo's premium property that has 2 residential towers, 1 office tower, and the soon-to-open biggest shopping mall in Colombo.

I was supposed to just do stories on Instagram crossposted to my Facebook, hence got this video on portrait mode. But I realized I took quite a lot of footages so I just edited them simply. Enjoy!

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