Strolling Around Ayutthaya (Day 1)

The iconic Buddha head at Wat Mahathat
After a very bumpy yet adventurous 12-hour night train ride from Chiang Mai, we finally arrived Ayutthaya at around 5AM. But since our guesthouse only opens at 7AM, we waited up at the Ayutthaya Railway Station while people-watching. It's good that they have a quite an orderly station and it wasn't as chaotic as I thought it would be.

So when we finally got into our guesthouse, we immediately took a proper sleep on the mattress and was woken up by our growling tummies. So we rented a scooter from our guesthouse for 300 Baht for the next 24 hours which was acceptable. Though it was quite a challenge for a Filipino driver who's used to driving on the right side of the road at first, Marlou finally got a hang of it as few minutes after riding the scooter. The tricky part is passing by the countless roundabouts in the city that I had to remind him over and over again to stay on the left after making a turn or after each roundabout.

After a simple lunch, we crossed the street to Wat Ratchaburana and went to buy the 6-in-1 ticket that would let you go to 6 temples in Ayutthaya for just 220 Baht per person, which was a big saver because 1 temple costs 50 baht per person so buying this bundle ticket has saved us 80 baht per person for the 6 temples. We just had to show the ticket to the ticket counters of each temple and they punch out a hole on our ticket.

So we explored Wat Rathaburana first, then headed off to Wat Mahathat which was just next to the first temple, and finished off by visiting Wat Phra Ram. Out of the three temples we visited on our first day, Wat Mahathat was surely the busiest. Maybe because it's bigger in area and they have the iconic Buddha head naturally and miraculously entwined in the roots of the Tree of Life.

The start of temple hopping at Wat Ratchaburana

Exploring the Ayutthaya temples

The iconic Buddha Head at Wat Mahathat

The sun is in my hand

Power Couple at Wat Phra Ram

Watch the first day of our Ayutthaya adventure below!

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