First Train Trip in Sri Lanka

If you look up on the things to do when you're in Sri Lanka, one of the items listed is to ride the train - if you're adventurous enough. Why? Well, first and foremost, trains get really congested especially during rush hours because it's one of the cheapest transportation, aside from buses.

And in my very own experience, it's really one for the books but would only recommend it if you don't mind getting shoved, pushed, and ogled at. I have seen a lot of travelers and backpackers doing one of their bucket list stuff to do once you're onboard the train - which is to hang outside of the train which is a very dangerous move and I would never recommend unless you're a daredevil - or should I say, stubborn - like me.

Anyway, it was definitely fun to do this train trip with our friends Ian, Nico, Nicole, Penny, and Morgan. Check out this video below:

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