I'm Pro Uber/Grab! Boo ya, LTFRB!

I have been a satisfied Grab/Uber rider since 2014. In fact, I even became a proud Uber brand ambassador here in Malaysia in 2015 because I believe that these international transportation services have definitely changes the lives of travelers around the world, like us. They have definitely changed the way of commuting especially for female riders like me. This is what the Philippines need - better, more efficient, cheaper, and safer transportation. That's why this issue about LTFRB hindering these app-based transportation from further operation in the Philippines really bothers me. But why, LTFRB? Why not let the nation go forward rather than pulling it backwards with this shit? Oh, is it because you can't make money directly from those companies?
Instead of fixing something that ain't broken, why not fix the issues of the current choices you have for us? In my honest opinion, although the jeepneys have been the icon of the Philippines, they are also the top nuisances on the road - driven by mostly uneducated drivers. Local buses have had lots of complaints with over speeding drivers often endangering the lives of its passengers and others on the road. And yes, I've had countless issues with taxis just like others. And let's not even talk about the MRT that has regular stalling issues. Fix those issues first, maybe then we riders can all be convinced with what you want to happen.
I am definitely pro-Grab, Uber, and other app-based transportation services that would give comfort and safety to commuters/riders like me. I agree that commuters have the RIGHT to CHOOSE. Please give us that privilege.

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