Funday Offday: Imelda & Joshua's Birthday at DARC

It was a special weekend at DARC as Joshua was celebrating his 17th birthday (4th of September) while his mother, our very good friend Imelda, celebrates hers a day after (5th of September). It has been their family tradition to have one celebration. And I believe it's always practical to do so. 

For this special occasion, our friend Terry Teo, owner of DARC, asked our daughter Selena to fly in from Manila for the weekend to join in the celebration... without his wife Imelda's knowledge. So last Sunday, surprising Imelda was a success (which you will see on the Part 1 of the video below). Followed by a simple yet fun celebration for Joshua, their only son. 

Surprising Imelda (from top): Nanay Susana, me, Marl, Selena, Imelda, & Eljosh 
The day was filled with so much fun as the Youth Equestrian Stars (YES) Group of DARC along with the mastermind Kuya Terry, prepared 3 cakes for the birthday boy... 3 beautiful cakes not to be eaten, but to be smeared on the face! Yes, they're THAT prepared! LOL! We also danced, played games, had a great dinner, and just had a pretty good time wiping off the icings on our faces!

Denai Alam Recreation and Riding Club (DARC) in Shah Alam is owned by our family friend Terry Teo, husband of Imelda, so whenever we're free on Sundays, we always go there to relax and spend time with their family. For more info, visit


(Surprise for Imelda, Pak Ganern Challenge, Dance)

(Joshua's Birthday Run)

(Dizzy Football Game)

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