In Memory of Peter Heath: Cantabile Reunion 2007

Here's myself and my classical voice classmates back in the 90s - during our reunion at our voice teacher Perpy Heath's place. Hosted by her and her late husband Peter. This is in memory of beloved Peter Heath. Sorry, you can see all our butts vying for the lyrics on the small music sheet. Hahaha!

As most people don't know, I was a student of Concordia College's School of Music for 5 years back in the mid-90s - yup, I was a Conservatory Voice Baby throughout my highschool days and beyond. Last time we saw each other was during our Cantabile Concert in 1995 before this unplanned reunion in Dec 2007 happened.

One More Day from Les Miserables was our finale song during our concert and the repeat concert. I saw this in my files today and I thought I'd share how crazy this class was - headed by the craziest voice teacher Perpy (in red).

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