Watch: Blabbin' Sars - I'm a Poise Makeup Brand Ambassador!

I had a feeling that this year is going to be lucky for me. And I was right. This lucky Year of the Monkey has started beautifully for me because I was offered to be Poise Makeup Brand Ambassador! A professional makeup made in the U.S. used by Hollywood makeup artists is now in the Philippines. I'm so happy because I thought the whole thing won't materialize with me being here in Malaysia. But they still wanted me to be a brand ambassador! Weeee!

They sent me a complete Poise Makeup Kit that I can play around, I can use for my nightly performances and other engagements, I can blog about. I will be starting to post makeup stuff here in my blog, and hopefully I can do my makeup tutorials and reviews when I'm back in April, fresh from my month-long backpacking in March. Who knows, someone might be going back to professional makeup artistry!

I'm so happy to be a part of Poise Makeup Philippines family and to be one of the Women of Poise!

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