Sundate at Wayne's

Sunday Brunch at La Casa @ Verve Suites
Guess most of our friends know, at least on social media, that we've been friends with a great Aussie guy named Wayne Kline, who has taken us to cool and amazing places and has been a great friend of ours for about 12 years! He's one of our very regular guests at Shangri-La KL in 2004 whenever he was in town. Then that went on for years and we have shared great moments since then. He even visited us in Qingdao, China in 2008, partied with us there, and brought us to Beijing for a day to see Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, and the Great Wall of China. And when we went back to Manila in 2012 and kind of settled down there, he'd make these short trips to see us and spend time with us, and other friends he has met along the way. And now that we're in KL and he has retired here, it's like we've gone inseparable because we are always together whenever possible. We always look out for each other and always try to be there for one another. I guess that's what true friends are for. We love you, Wayne! Thank you for everything that you are!

Here's a video during our last #Sundayoff with him, in his beautiful abode at Verve Suites in Mont Kiara KL. Our friend Akashah, who works at Horizon Club of Shangri-La Hotel, joined us for a fun, chillaxing Sunday afternoon at Verve Suites' Sky Beach on the 33rd floor, a man made beach complete with palm trees and white sand, and relaxing sun beds. Enjoy!

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