URB Band is now here and on Facebook, too

Since the URB Band reunited again and got back on the road again, I've been wanting to revive the URB Band website but I still didn't have the access to our old domain which had expired couple of years ago with my old domain registrar. I wonder when it will be publicly available again. But, I'm not letting it stop me from making URB Band's presence on the internet significant again with or without our domain.

To start of, I have made a simple page for URB Band inside this blog - the link is on the navigation menu above. It's just an all-in-one page where you can see our performance history, our current venue and schedule, photos (soon), and videos. I think I should make it more like a band profile page soon. :)

Then, I thought I should also start a Facebook page for the band. But to my surprise, there was this URB Band page on Facebook that I have created way back in 2010 but I have ignored it for the longest time because we still had the URB Band website back then. In fact, I have forgotten that I have accidentally published it. I have already forgotten that there was indeed a URB Band page on Facebook because we always have had a website that was full of band updates, photos, and videos. Until I wanted to create a URB Band page for our current setup now. And man! You should have seen that surprised look on my face when I saw our old band photo with our former singer Aretha. Wow, that was 5 years ago and yes, time has really passed by!

So friends, you can now come and LIKE our Facebook page: URB Band, and check out new contents on our URB Band page in this blog (link on the navigation menu above). Yesss, URB Band here, there, and everywhere! Yayyyy!

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